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(Estimate based on completing 156 feet)

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Kylie Myers

Dear Friends and Family,

I am getting my best bat out and swinging for the fences in our 2021 SM River Rats 3rd Annual Hit-A-Thon! This fundraiser proceeds will be allocated to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine (25% of proceeds), my tuition fees for the SM River Rats (25% of proceeds) AND the SM River Rats organization (50% of proceeds)!

Last year, the SM River Rats were able to donate $4,700 to the Ronald McDonald House and we hope to donate a similar amount this year.

My organization also uses the money for the following send 2 players to Outward Bound - Hurricane Island, for scholarship to families who cannot afford our program and for donations to local youth sports leagues and much much more!

Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

This is the 3rd Annual Hit-A-Thon our organization will complete as a Key Fundraiser which benefits both our organization AND we pick one charity to donate a portion of the proceeds. For the past 4 years, we have chosen Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine as that charity and in 2020, we donated $4,700 to them!

In 2021, we have changed a few things due to our current environment with the COVID pandemic! Typically, we donate a large amount to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine which will remain in place for this fundraiser. The remainder of the proceeds is a fundraiser for the SM River Rats organization. However, this year, we are allowing families of the SM River Rats to put 25% of what they raise in this event to their 2021 Tuition Fees! The breakdown will be as follows:

25% To Charity (RMHCOM)
25% To SMRR Player Tuition (determined by what each player raises)
50% To the SMRR Organization

We will open this event starting on Tuesday, January 5th and it will end on Monday, March 8th. All SM River Rats Baseball and Softball teams will hit on either Saturday, March 6th or Sunday, March 7th with the distance being measured by our HitTrax System at Hitters Count Training Facility.

You can donate per foot (for baseball), per hit out of 10 swings (for softball) or make a flat donation. The majority of the donors simply give a flat donation because you never know how far a player is going to hit the baseball/softball!

What Does the SM River Rats Use the Money For?

Many ask what we use the money for when doing this fundraiser. It includes but is not limited to the following;

•Leadership Award: Each year, the SM River Rats sends 2 players (1 baseball and 1 softball) to Outward Bound - Hurricane Island as a recognition of providing great leadership on and off the field. This experience is priceless for the players who have attended this great program! The cost is about $1,700 per player to attend this event.

•Awards Program: Each year, we recognize individuals for their performance on the field. We have a Family Meeting and the awards ceremony is a large piece of this. The cost of the facility and trophies is typically around $1,500.

•Scholarships: We provide discounts and scholarships to a select few families who cannot afford our program. This can be a full or partial scholarship. We typically provide annual scholarships for about 10-15 players in the amount of approximately $8,000-$12,000.

•Donations: While we will once again donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine (donated $5,000 in 2019) we also donate to a number of locally run baseball and softball programs throughout the year. This helps us support local athletics in hopes that they stay strong and active.

Our goal is to fundraiser $37,800 or more ($23,400 with baseball and $14,400 with softball or $100 per player) over the next 2 months!

No amount is too small and we appreciate anything that you can do! If you have any questions on this fundraiser, please feel free to reach out to Jason Lariviere, Co-Founder of the Southern Maine River Rats at jason.lariviere@riverratsbaseball.com.


Your donations will help pay for:

  • Leadership Award - Outward Bound Trip (1 Baseball 1 Softball
  • Scholarships (over $8,000-$12,000 of scholarships given)
  • Awards
  • Supporting Local Youth Programs

All participants:

$18,000 raised
of $14,400 goal
Raised $3,060
Raised $2,485
Raised $1,440
Raised $1,235
Raised $1,170
Raised $875
Raised $546
Raised $450
Raised $335
Raised $335
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