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About this fundraiser:

It’s that time again! BASIS Tucson Primary will be conducting an exciting and educational fundraiser to benefit our students and the Annual Teacher Fund. Students will be asked to participate in the BASIS Tucson Primary Math-a-thon, a program that erases objections that many parents have to traditional fundraisers.
100% of the money raised benefits our teachers; it is rooted in academics, and it doesn’t involve students knocking on the doors of strangers.

Here’s how it works:


1. Your child studies math facts/problems that are grade appropriate and collects pledges from family and friends (supporters).

2. The supporter pledges either a flat amount or an amount for every math fact problem that the student gets correct, on the Math-a-thon fact test.

Example: Pledge $5/question.
Student gets 45 questions right = $225 OR Flat amount: $225.00

3. Your child improves his or her math skills and you have contributed to a great cause by donating to our
Annual Teacher Fund.

Last year we raised $33,956.00!!!!!! So let's show our teachers how much we appreciate them by beating that record with a goal of 35,000!

No donation is too small!


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Your donations will help pay for:

  • Annual Teacher Fund

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