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Goal: $15,000

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About this fundraiser:

Our 2020 Sugar Beets Hit-A-Thon will benefit each and every kid in our program as we unveil our newly renovated training facility and continue to upgrade the site.

Events for the public will be introduced.

Funds will also benefit the additional events added to our game schedules that increase the level of play for the ballplayers with us.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • New facility enhancements
  • Additional tournaments
  • Sugar Beets Annual Scholarship Fund

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Top Donations

Sarah Cole

Go Theo! LOVE Mom, Dad, Papa Coe, Nema, Mimi, Karri, Papa Cole, Nana Cole, GMA, Bob, Ree..

Mimi and Papa Bluemer

Love you Lane! Papa Bluemer would be so proud! Love, Mimi

Michele Schmidt
Nancy J Griswold

Hit away Ry! Grandpa Kirk & Grandma Nan