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(Estimate based on completing 73 birds)

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Sarah Hatfield
Wrenegades - Sarah and Kim

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m strapping on my binoculars this spring to go birding in support of Audubon Community Nature Center!

Each year, Audubon hosts a Birdathon event where local birders go out to count as many species of birds that they can see during the spring migration. Some years they have seen 100 species in one day!

You can pledge by species, or make a flat donation in support of this year’s Birdathon. 100% of donations will go towards supporting the Ryan Exline Memorial Scholarship and The Pamela A. Westrom Wildlife Habitat that is currently under construction.

Will you make a pledge to support me and these incredible community programs?

Thank you for supporting me, and for supporting Audubon Community Nature Center!

About this fundraiser:

Audubon Community Nature Center is raising money to fund the Ryan Exline Memorial Scholarship and the Pamela A. Westrom Wildlife Habitat.

Ryan was a long-time Audubon volunteer who was passionate about wildlife. Each year, Audubon celebrates Ryan’s memory by offering a $500 scholarship to a student pursuing a degree in an environmental-related field.

Construction of the Pamela A. Westrom Wildlife Habitat’s is underway! This new outdoor exhibit, located adjacent to Liberty the Bald Eagle’s existing habitat will house up to four additional non-releasable birds of prey.

Choose a member from the team list below and search for their page, or donate to the main fundraiser page to show your support for this year’s Birdathon! To register a team or read team profiles, visit https://auduboncnc.org/birdathon/.

For more information on Audubon Community Nature Center, go to auduboncnc.org. You can find information on the new habitat project at https://auduboncnc.org/pawwh/ and the scholarship at https://auduboncnc.org/scholarships/

Thank you for your help in making these dreams a reality!


The Birding Classic
Members of The Birding Classic have been participating in the Birdathon for more than 16 years, doing a couple passes around Audubon, heading to the Akeley gamelands, and then finishing up at various locations in the county (sometimes at local eating establishment). They will continue their tradition this year, welcoming the winner of the Ryan Exline Memorial Scholarship, Tim Galati, into the groups of bird nerds for the not-quite-24-hour day. 

The Venerable Vultures
The Venerable Vultures will be soaring from their roost along the Lake Erie shoreline, through the hills of Arkwright, to the shimmering waters of Canadaway Creek in an attempt to see as many birds as possible in 24 hours. 

The Wrenegades
This duo of bird nerds will swoop across the birding area to record as many species as possible. From the hilltops of Scandia to the shores of Presque Isle, from the depths of the Allegheny National Forest to a front yard in Akeley, the Wrenegades will count how the species they see in 24 hours.

Flittering Flyways
Boldly going where no one has gone before, we are planning to count at the Gronquist camp on the Chautauqua Ridge, the first of what hopefully will be many violations of the privacy of the avian residents. Then we will pad our count by heading to Lake Erie State Park.

Birders on Bicycles 

Birders on Bicycle members will be taking two favorite hobbies and combining them into one fun day. The team plans to pedal around the beautiful, dynamic shores of Lake Erie making stops to bird. They are hoping this peninsula of Presque Isle State Park will provide a rich array of species during the spring migration. They are hoping to spot at least 60 bird species in a four-hour period of time. Regardless if it's more or less species, this fun-loving team is sure to have a blast!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Pamela A. Westrom Wildlife Habitat for Birds of Prey
  • Ryan Exline Memorial Scholarship

Group Standings

Wrenegades - Sarah and Kim
The Birdathon Classic - Jeff, Katie, Chelsea, Sarah, Kate, Tim, Andrew, Wendy, Josh
Birders on Bicycles - Katie, Leigh, Don, Justina, Bob, Susan
The Venerable Vultures - Matt and Claudia
Flittering Flyways - Ruth and Kristie

Top Donations

Andrea Bello
Julie Gibson

Thank you for all you do!

Aimee Brunelle

Good luck with your fundraising! I can't wait to come visit and see the new habitat!

Beth Irwin

My pleasure to help you reach your goal!

Sandra Emke