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The Burbank High School Instrumental Music Association is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to grow musically, socially, and academically. Through musical performance, students learn how to perform and appreciate music of a variety of styles and levels of difficulty. Through group involvement, students learn how to work together to achieve common goals and achievements that are more personal and develop self-discipline. Through the study of harmony, scales, and rhythms, students develop skills that will allow them to truly understand and appreciate the foundation of music as well as aesthetics.

This year, our students have an amazing opportunity to attend the Anaheim Music Festival on April 14th & 15th. This festival is an incredible opportunity to not only perform for professional adjudicators with a clinic following the performance but to listen to other schools in surrounding areas. Students will be able to experience an over night in a hotel for the first time since before Covid and then attend Disneyland on Saturday with an awards ceremony for the festival in the park that evening. The cost for each student to attend is $350 per person.

We could not engage in the wonderful learning opportunities and the fun things we do here without your monetary support. Please know that no amount is too small, especially since we recognize that many families are struggling during this time. Your ongoing backing and support are both truly appreciated.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • 2023 Anaheim Music Festival Trip
  • Instruments
  • Coaches

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