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About this fundraiser:

The Butterflying World Series (https://fb.me/e/1uC6VfMT9) is the fun competition that generates money for butterfly conservation. Teams register and secure pledges for the total number of species or individual butterflies they observe during a pre-determined time period. You can participate on your own from the comfort of your home garden or join a group visiting natural areas. The Butterflying World Series has something for everyone!

The competition is broken down by region as well so the winners of one area can fairly compete with those from others. Data is contributed to community science organizations (i.e., eButterfly & iNaturalist) to track butterfly population trends. Revenue supports the conservation & education mission of Sustainable Monarch (https://www.sustainablemonarch.org/).

Since the 1980's butterflies have declined by HALF generally & some like Monarchs are doing worse. The primary cause is habitat loss. Scaling conservation up to the landscape level is critical for maintaining butterflies long term. Observing butterflies casually or part of a formal group is great fun and a wonderful way to contribute to research projects.

JOIN the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1098348530649856

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Education Programs such as Butterfly Festivals.
  • Conservation Activities such as Butterfly Reserves.