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ESCHATOLOGY (Bring Our Girls Back) is a Prevention/Awareness PSA (Public Service Announcement) Campaign that is geared to provide solutions for melaninated people who have been disproportionately affected by Human Trafficking through what is called "THE MAAFA" . Over 75000 Black Women are currently missing but the mainstream media fails to bring immediate attention to the general public. One of our goals is to provide Resource & Preventional Tools For Community Members such as a Comprehensive Application (Missing Person App), Therapeutic Wholistic Community Healing, and Community Resource Building for those in need of service and assistance. A portion of the proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to organizations and groups who have partnered with the campaign!

Each month a new theme will be emphasized to expound on the complexity and give more clarity about this ongoing challenge that has directly impacted and affected our community in negative way. In the month of February our campaign expounded upon the MAAFA transatlantic slave trade and it's catastrophic impact to date . During the Month of March we will emphasize the importance of Protecting Melaninated Women and Children through recognizing the first Presidential Proclamation issued in 1980 to observe March as National Women’s History Month !

I'm participating in this first Annual Pledge Drive. I'm excited to be a part of this PSA campaign that raises money for me & my community to be enriched with Healing, Resources, & Cultural programs that are essential but no longer provided.

officialbiggadre.hearnow.com I'm asking sponsors to help me reach my fundraising goal. Will you help by making a simple flat donation?

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!

Please know that no amount is too small. Your ongoing backing and support are both truly appreciated.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • New Virtual Learning Technology
  • Operating Costs
  • Resource & Preventional Tools For Community Members
  • Therapeutic Wholistic Community Healing
  • Comprehensive Application (Missing Person App)
  • Cultural Programing , Project Funding , & Event Planning
  • Transportation/Car Pool
  • Food
  • Community Resource Building
  • Fundraising Merchandise
  • Gratuity For All Participating Partners & Sponsors

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Bring Our Girls Back! 💙

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Bring our girls back.