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About this fundraiser:

Make a pledge for every Goal scored by your player, and help them raise money to go towards their IFC Dues for the 2020-2021 Season. Our Goal-A-Thon will be based on a club-wide soccer shoot out. Players will receive 30 soccer balls and have the opportunity to shoot and make up to 30 goals.

Two Ways to Make a Pledge:
1. FLAT DONATION - You can sponsor your player with a flat amount.
2. PLEDGE PER GOAL - You can pledge any amount for Goals scored on the Day of the Goal-A-Thon. For example, each player gets 30 balls and each Goal they score is counted towards their total. If you sponsored a student for $1, you would owe $1 * 30 Goals= $30.

GOAL-A-THON Date July 19th. Time TBD

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Directly go to your player's IFC 2020-2021 Season Dues

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Tammy Smith

We love our sweet Ashlynn.

Sean Menogan II

I cant always do this but i very proud of you! Make every kick count!


Good Luck Haiden! Proud of you!

Roger Houston
Cortney Woodruff

You got this Gabinho!