Goal: $20,000

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About this fundraiser:

Get ready for our second annual Jog-A-Thon fundraiser! Help our students harness their energy to support our amazing school!

Your donations will help support our fantastic programming, like:
+ Art and Science programming in the classrooms
+ Outdoor Education opportunities
+ School Events like Missoula Theater

This fundraiser is a blast for the kids, teachers and families, and will take place during the school day on November 8th. Send your student's link to family and friends who would like to support our school - even the smallest donations help! We're getting excited to lace up our sneakers soon! Thank you for your support!

Group Standings

2 - Ciprich, MeLissa
4 - Smith, Nicole
6 - Scott, Adrienne
1 - Brusca, Molly
2 - Bowers, Michele

Top Donations

Sicke Family

Great job John!

Auntie Rebecca

Good luck Chelsey! Run like your fanny is on fire! 😂

Susan Mann
Susan Mann
Mom & Dad

You got this Saivah!! We love you!