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Goal: $12,000

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About this fundraiser:

The Lady Eagles Volleyball and Basketball teams have been working hard this summer in the weight room. It has been a summer of power and grit. The girls have been working hard to increase their total weight lifted in "The Big Three": deadlift, back squat, & bench press.

The teams have decided to join forces and have a friendly team competition. They will be competing per class to see who can raise the most money. Each class will be choosing a local charity and donating a portion of their funds to that charity. The remainder of funds will go to purchase weight room equipment, sport specific training equipment and to purchase pride packs for the athletes.

Each athlete has a personal weight goal and each athlete has been asked to strive for a $500 raised goal.

Here is an example: Suzy is a senior and has a weight lifting goal of 500lbs. She gets 8 people to give her $0.10 per pound and she has some friends give her flat donations that total $100. On the day of the lift-a-thon, Suzy was able to lift 510lbs. So those that indicated they would give her $0.10 per pound will owe her $51. $51x8=$408+$100 in flat donations. So Suzy surpassed her weight lifting goal and raised $508. The senior class ended up raising $2,000 and 25% of that ($500) was donated to the local food bank.

We are a program where our players learn as much off the court as they do on the court. We believe this is because of the incredible athletes, the awesome coaches and more importantly the incredible support from our families and community. Please know that no amount is too small. Your ongoing backing and support of our athletes is truly appreciated.

We look forward to an amazing season and thanks again!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Weight room equipment
  • Sport specific training equipment
  • Athlete Pride Pack

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