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Goal: $70,200

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About this fundraiser:

OVER 15000 PROGRAM HOURS are delivered to OVER 950 students every year through PTSA and ASB programs in addition to the school educational requirements.

Leota is a school where student learning thrives and children feel great about the place they call their school. We could not bring these vibrant educational and athletic experiences to students without our amazing parents, staff, teachers and community. Your ongoing support is truly appreciated.

PTSA Programs:

Career Day | Speakers | Science Olympiad (NEW) | Watch DOGS! | WEB Leaders | Leota PTSA Community Café (NEW) |Teacher and Library Grants | Field Trips | Classroom Projects | Emergency Supplies and Safety Equipment | Parent Education |Staff Appreciation | Student Leadership Opportunities and more.

ASB Programs:

Student Leadership | Academic Clubs | Art, Drama, Languages | Materials for Clubs | Sports Uniforms/Gear | Sports Equipment | Referees for all Games | Club/Sports/FieldTrip Transportation | Honor Society | Founding New Clubs | School Activities | School Assembly's Guest Speakers | Competition Fees | WEB Leaders and more.


Check out for more information online or email if you have questions. THANK YOU!

Group Standings

6-NELSON ($1875)
6-VIRGA ($1800)
7-OLSON ($1800)
8-MOLITOR ($1575)
6-WESTBERG ($1950)

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Nabu Bruk

Sirirat Reinikka
Sirirat Reinikka

David and Sirirat Reinikka