Goal: $22,000

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About this fundraiser:

Help us make some improvements at Rockford Lutheran Academy. The first thing we want to do is replace our 4th and 5th grade lockers in our cafeteria. Then we want to rework the front of our chapel to make more of a stage for performances.

Our walk-a-thon will be on Tuesday May 10. The first $10,000 we raise will go for the above listed improvements. After that, the funds will go toward renovations of our junior high gym at our high school campus. We have a generous donor who is providing a dollar for dollar match. Everything that is donated will be doubled! If you donate $5 per lap and the student walks 12 laps, you give $60 and it is matched for a total of $120.

The students will be walking around the campus, so each lap is about 1/3 of a mile. If the students walk diligently for the two hours, they can complete 5 miles of walking or 15 laps. That's a fairly decent pace for two full hours.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Replacement Lockers
  • Church enhancements
  • Junior High Gym renovations

Group Standings

1st Grade
4th Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade

Top Donations

Possimpible Consulting, Inc.

Way to go Willa and all RLA student! From Possimpible Consulting, Inc.

Angela Ostler c/o Quantum Design

Go Hazel!

Maggie Remillard
Zachary Brynolf