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About this fundraiser:

Our responsibility to the EARTH is never-ending, so we must continue educating our students on the importance of making a difference. Educating our students through our service learning units makes our students more compassionate, responsible, and opens their hearts up to the world.
Believe in the Creatures of the Deep Blue Sea is our first service learning unit this year.
We will be partnering with the World Wildlife Foundation, an organization that has been protecting animals since 1961. We believe our school can help make a difference! The students will be working on a variety of projects to voice the importance of saving these endangered creatures and taking care of our most important resource, water.
If any student raises over $10.00, they will receive a mini stuffed sea creature with an Official Queens Explorers Adoption Certificate.
In addition the student that raises the most money will receive a Deep Blue Sea Gift Basket.
So let's make a difference and open our hearts to to the beautiful creatures of the sea.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • saving the endangered creatures of the deep blue sea

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