Jackson's Goal: $200
(Estimate based on completing 48 shots)

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Jackson Haugh
6th Caspers

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been working hard this season to improve myself for the game I love. My club and I have been preparing for our 2nd Annual SHOT-A-THON to help raise money for our team and organization. I am doing my part by practicing every week and I am asking you to help support our cause.

On 4/30, or 5/9 I'm going to take 100 shots; 20 layups, 30 free throws, 20 jump shots from the elbows, 20 jump shots from the baseline and 10 3 pointers. I would be grateful if you could pledge an amount for shots that I make. It can be a penny, a dollar, whatever you’d like. If you prefer you can just donate a flat amount. Everything helps! My team relies on support from friends and family like you to provide scholarships and a new goal of providing tutoring resources. I am excited that my club cares so much about our community and that they are taking steps to make sure we are successful on the court and in the classroom.

Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

The Washington Swarm Basketball Club was born out of a belief that a competitive AAU Basketball organization could be developed in the Greater Puget Sound Area.

The vision of our organization is to work towards building a foundation where each player grows their life and basketball skills consistently due to a rich experience that all of our players receive. Our foundation is built with the following cornerstones that strengthen our program each day: Strong Work Ethic, Effective Leadership, Transparent Communication and Unmatched Passion.

We aspire to be your Club of choice and will work hard to earn your trust in developing effective basketball teams and players that we can all be proud of. This equates into playing at the highest levels possible and challenging each one of our players to compete and grow their game. We will build a continuous learning environment that fosters championship behavior.

Welcome to our Swarm Family.

Lets not hunt Dream, Lets chase Goals!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Scholarship Fund
  • Tutoring Program: Tablets, Hotspots, Supplies
  • Travel Expenses
  • Equipment
  • Tournament Events

All participants:

$15,816 raised
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Raised $447.50
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Raised $400
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