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Zola D.

Dear Friends and Family,

My student is participating in the Deer Creek Jumping Hoop-a-thon Fundraiser at their school. This is a great event because it encourages a love of exercise and wellness. We hope you will consider making a pledge for our student to practice healthy activities and earn money to fund the school's Healthy Kids Program.

Pledges for this event are flat rate donations only, and not based on time and activity. Everyone will be participating and doing the best they can! All students will get to take a home a custom Deer Creek Elementary jumprope to keep practicing health and wellness at home.
Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

Deer Creek Elementary School is excited to be hosting a Jumping Hoop-a-thon! This is a fundraiser that directly supports our Healthy Kids Program and is our COVID-safe version of Mini Marathon this year. Kids are challenged to collect pledges for their time spent hoola-hooping and jump roping during their Healthy Kids class. Families are encouraged to spread the word and make a flat rate donation to this event in order to raise money to support Deer Creek School and encourage healthy activity in our students! We hope you will consider participating this year, raise funds for school and promote exercise, and wellness in our community!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Healthy Kids Program
  • School garden and Sierra Harvest Field trips

All participants:

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Raised $60

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