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Hebert's Goal: $750

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From October 19th through November 9th, the PTO will be sponsoring the annual HPS Read-a-thon. Why is this event so important to Hyde Park School? Not only does it promote the joy of reading, it also serves as the second-largest fundraiser PTO hosts each school year. Your generous contributions to the Read-A-Thon go directly into funding a budget that supports students, teachers, and the classrooms.

All participants:

$18,289 raised
of $18,000 goal
Raised $1,294
Raised $1,127
Raised $1,123
Raised $877.50
Stuart little
Raised $800
Charlottes web
Raised $760
Raised $700
Giving tree
Raised $620
Green eggs
Raised $540
Raised $540

Top Donations

Chris Hendriksen

Audrey Hendriksen Pledges

Jim Sicnolf

Awesome work, Quinlan! When we visit, you can tell me about the books you read. You’re the best!

Brandy Sanchez

For Graham & Brooks Sanchez

Donna Van Dyke

Love your “love of reading” Q💕💕

Christian Miller

Way to go Knox Man!