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About this fundraiser:

This September, join the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy in our 30 Days Of Sharing challenge. Inspired by the desire for students to make a meaningful contribution to their community, ISA students will embark on their own personal journey for 30 days of sharing their gift of music with others. A reasonable goal may be to create 3 moments of sharing during the 30 days.

ISA students may create their own plan for sharing their music during this time of pandemic. That may take the form of cul-de-sac concerts for friends, a FaceTime concert for out-of-town relatives, a sidewalk solo for a neighbor, or a casual playdown at an outdoor public park with a Suzuki friend.

No sharing is too small, as it brings joy to the recipient, and gives meaning to each student and ISA family.

Our Goal is to Raise $10,000 for the Annual Fund, for ISA’s priorities of building a strong and diverse Suzuki community, making ISA more visible in the community, and Faculty Training.

What: 30 Days of Sharing Challenge

When: September 1 - 30, 2020

• Work together with your teacher to create a plan for your 30 Days Of Sharing challenge.
• Your teacher can help you select polished pieces to play, and think of simple ways to share with others
• Each student is encouraged to find 3 opportunities to share their music during the challenge
• If each ISA student shares 3 times, that will result in over 360 acts of kindness during September!
• Students may ask for pledges from friends and relatives in honor of the challenge

• For each student to meet their sharing goal for 30 Days Of Sharing

• For each student to obtain 3-10 sponsors for their challenge

• For each student to raise $100 through sponsorship for the ISA Annual Fund

How does my child find Sponsors?
Before and during the challenge, each student seeks sponsors, who pledge support for the challenge. A recommended amount is $30 per performance event/pop-up performance. Our goal is for every child to find 3-10 sponsors, raising an average of $100. Neighbors, friends, and family are wonderful sponsors!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Creating a strong and diverse Suzuki community
  • Making ISA more visible in the greater Community
  • Investing in world-class Faculty

All participants:

$9,895 raised
of $10,000 goal
Raised $1,660
Raised $1,660
Raised $580
Raised $310
Raised $235
Raised $225
Raised $225
Raised $200
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We love the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy!

Cassandra Curtis

Thank you Suzuki teachers for all your efforts to love our children into better musicians!

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