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Barry Friswold
Other Cities

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm participating in LVC's Inaugural "Take a Hike for Justice" Hike-a-thon. I'm excited to hike for justice and provide support for the LVC volunteers!

I'm asking for sponsors to help me reach my fundraising goal. Will you help by making a simple flat donation?

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.

About this fundraiser:

As the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, we believe that:

Simple and sustainable living honors the abundant resources that God provides. These resources must be shared equitably so all can thrive.

We are unique individuals, yet we are bound to each other.  Living in intentional community creates the supportive space to engage in social justice, live sustainably, and explore meaning and vocation.

Exploring spirituality in community promotes understanding of diverse beliefs and values.

Our  journey to inclusive community must confront racism and oppression through intentional and often uncomfortable personal and institutional transformation. LVC celebrates BIPOC and LGBTQ+ volunteers.

Social justice  compels us to strive for a peaceful world where basic human rights are met.

LVC places volunteers at non-profit organizations that are working towards social justice and anti-white supremacy. LVC pays for their housing, utilities, internet, health insurance and provides stipends and two weeks paid vacation.

You will be "taking a hike for justice" and will be supporting and enhancing the volunteer's experience by raising money for LVC.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Volunteer Support
  • Organization Support
  • Anti-white supremacy trainings
  • Alumni engagement

All participants:

$7,256 raised
of $20,000 goal
Raised $500
Raised $401
Raised $330
Raised $275
Raised $260
Raised $260
Raised $260
Raised $260
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Looking forward!

Amanda Formica

Thanks for organizing the New England group!

Beth A Coleman

Hi Barry--It's Beth Coleman, alum--same year--from Wilmington. Have fond memories, & good luck!