Meleana's Goal: $200

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Meleana Otuhiva
2nd Grade

Dear St. Mary Friends and Family,

The Mustang Stampede jog-a-thon is an important fundraiser for St. Mary School.

We're counting on your support to make the 2020 run a success! Please support our students by making a pledge today. All pledges should be made online. If you prefer to donate with cash or check, you can share it with your jogger to return to the school. Checks should be made payable to St. Mary School.

Thank you!

About this fundraiser:

The St. Mary School Mustang Stampede is an exciting event where the students will "Run Wild" around the track to help raise money for their beloved school. This year the money raised will help to sustain vital programs, support innovation, and provide technology for St. Mary students.

Our goal is $60,000 and we know that with the generous support of our community that we can reach that (and beyond)!

We are so excited and thankful for your help and participation - we could not make this event a success without you!

Note: We will be following all social distancing guidelines and local health rules to be sure everyone is safe.

Thank you so much for your generous support.

**Online donations are preferred for a contactless event, but if you prefer to pledge with cash or check you may share that with your Mustang and they will return it to the school.

Donations are tax-deductible.

All participants:

$65,982 raised
of $60,000 goal
Raised $2,895
Raised $1,500
Raised $1,000
Raised $900
Raised $730
Raised $730
Raised $725
Raised $720
Raised $680
Raised $636

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From mama Meleana R.I.P. and the Otuhiva family

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Love you Meleana Makasini

William Otuhiva
William Otuhiva

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