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Kenneth Adcock

Friends and family,

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement throughout our 2023-2024 season. The Ore City Speech and Debate team has had many accomplishments as individuals and as a team and we aren't finished yet!

Our team is trying to raise money to attend the National Speech and Debate Tournament (IDes Moines,IA) and the Texas Speech and Debate camp (Tyler, TX).

You can help us get there! If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of any amount to help us achieve our goals of getting to Nationals and attending camp over the summer.

Here are the details:

-$535 sends a student to the National Tournament
-$850 sends a student to camp
-$1385 sends a student to the National Tournament AND camp
-$5885 sends all 11 people (participants and sponsors) to the National Tournament

Thank you in advance for your contribution and continued support. Your donations are appreciated!

P.S. Join us for our Speech and Debate Showcase in May. at Ore City

About this fundraiser:

Ore City High School speech & debate has qualified nine students for the national speech and debate tournament hosted on June 15th - 22nd in Des Moines, Iowa. These students have earned the right to participate in the largest academic contest on the planet but need your help to get there. We hope that you would consider donating to not only send these students to this tournament.
We are also working to send students to the Texas Speech and Debate camp hosted on July 9th - 15th on the campus of UT-Tyler. These camps have played an instrumental part in the development of our program. Pushing our CX teams to a state championship and 5th place finish in 2023, while the other events have managed to advance to the region contest and could see some of these students advance to state.
These students love this activity and are willing to sacrifice multiple weeks of their summer growing their skills to continue pursuing and developing their speech and debate careers.

The goal is to open up the opportunity to travel to nationals this year to anyone who wants to attend the tournament. With the current projections for students wishing to or earning the right to participate in the national tournament. Here is the cost breakdown. Starting in September through our 99pledges portal, nine payments of $175 will secure your student's right to attend the national tournament.
PAYMENT PLAN/DATES---Nationals Only.
This does not include DEBATE CAMP!!!! 1. $175- September 15th 2. $175 - October 15th 3. $175 - November 15th 4. $175 - December 15th 5. $175 - January 15th 6. $175 - February 15th 7. $175 - March 15th 8. $175 - April 15th 9. $175 - May 15th

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Speech & Debate Camp
  • National Speech & Debate Tournament
  • Season Long Expenses

All participants:

$880 raised
of $15,000 goal

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