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Luca Picchi
4th Grade

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm embarking on an exciting challenge – my school's Read-a-Thon! It's a week-long event that not only enhances our reading skills but also raises crucial funds for our school.

I'm committed to immersing myself in as many books as possible this week, and I'm reaching out to you for support. Will you consider sponsoring me with a simple flat donation?

Your contribution directly fuels essential programs, events, and supplies for our school, thanks to the efforts of the PTC. Your support means the world to me and my fellow students.

Thank you for standing by me and helping make a difference!

About this fundraiser:

Penryn Elementary is a hub of thriving student learning and positive vibes. Our school's success is a result of the fantastic students, dedicated staff, and the invaluable support from our families. We recognize that your support is essential for the exciting learning experiences and enjoyable activities we provide. No contribution is too small, and every bit makes a meaningful impact. Your continual backing is genuinely appreciated, enabling us to create an environment where education flourishes and children love to be. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey!

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