Sasha's Goal: $500
(Estimate based on completing 10 stunts)

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Sasha & Cece Nihamin

Dear Friends and Family,

I am preparing for Ramapo's Ultimate Cheer Challenge where I will be performing a variety of cheer and gymnastic challenges in an effort to raise money for my team's upcoming National Competition in Orlando, Florida.

I would truly appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring me by pledging a dollar amount for each handspring, jump and stunt I perform or by simply donating a flat dollar amount. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

Each cheerleader will participate in the Ultimate Cheer Challenge in which they will perform a variety of cheer stunts and gymnastic feats, including back handsprings, toe touches and extended libs within a specified time period at an upcoming practice.

Pledges can be per challenge or a flat donation. Any and all contributions are truly appreciated and will go directly toward training and travel expenses associated with the team's upcoming National Competition in Orlando, Florida on March 10-11.

All participants:

$6,886 raised
of $7,000 goal
Raised $3,350.63
Raised $675
Raised $550
Raised $550
Raised $390
Raised $325
Raised $300
Raised $295
Raised $150

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Fira Nihamin

Good Luck Girls. Go get it

Felix Nihamin


Mark Trudeau

Make us proud girls! Love you!! xoxo, the Trudeau's

Lulu Golub

Rah rah rah!!!!!!!! Luv you girls ! Love, laura & gordon

Kostadinos Vogia