Amari's Goal: $40
(Estimate based on completing 40 laps)

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Amari James-Phillips

Dear Friends and Family,

I am lacing up my sneakers next month and walking my best at the Urban Montessori Charter School Walkathon. This event raises money for me and my classmates to continue to be enriched with Science, Art, Field trips and other programs that are essential but no longer provided by our education system.

I would appreciate it (and so would my 400 schoolmates) if you could help support me.

Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

About this fundraiser:
Saturday May 6th, 9am - 3pm,
Urban Montessori Charter School, Brann St. Oakland CA

Urban Montessori Charter School is a school where student learning thrives and children feel good about the place they call their school. We believe that this is because of the incredible students that attend our school, the awesome staff who believe that relationships with students are key to optimal learning and more importantly the incredible support of our families. We could not engage in the wonderful learning opportunities and the fun things we do here without your monetary support. Please know that no amount is too small. Your ongoing backing and support are both truly appreciated.

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Lornie Phillips
Patricia E Phillips

Great Job Amari. I am so proud of you, Grammy Pat

eleanor Elbers

Yeah for you Amari!! We love you

Anna Elbers

Go Amari!

lynnise phillips

Go Amari, go!