Felix's Goal: $600
(Estimate based on completing 4 laps)

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Felix Facer

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, I started Young Fives at Dicken Elementary a few weeks ago. The school is awesome and I really love my teachers and classmates. On October 6th, I’ll be participating in the Dicken Dash for the first time. It's a really big deal! We get to run as fast as we can around a quarter mile loop to see how many laps we can complete in 15 minutes. The funds we raise will support things like curriculum enrichment, field trips, teacher grants, and special events like the pumpkin patch and the ice cream social. Would you please pledge a small donation? My classmates and I would appreciate it so so much. I had a $300 goal to start but some anonymous donor (THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE) donated that much! So I doubled my goal to $600. Thank you!


About this fundraiser:

The Dicken Dash has been our primary fundraiser for more than 12 years. Every fall, our students train in gym class and through the Dicken Running Club to run laps to raise money for their school. Along with community sponsors, family and friends pledge the runners, and everyone celebrates the success of our fundraiser when it’s all over.

Last year over 60% of the PTO's annual budget came from the Dash fundraiser. The funds raised will help the PTO with all of our spending priorities for the year. Some of these priorities include:

Academic Achievement: books for each student during March is Reading Month, In-school performances and assemblies, field trips, Super Science Day, WESO (Science Olympiad) and teacher stipends.

Parent & Community Support: Hospitality events such as the Pumpkin Patch, Ice Cream Social and Winter Walk, Yearbooks for all students, 5th grade promotion event, healthy snacks for students in the office and extra winter outerwear for students.

PTO Grants: Decodable readers for early elementary students, cursive curriculum for the 4th graders, Mystery Science curriculum which supplements 75% of Dicken classrooms.

School Enhancement: Updating the Staff Lounge, stocking the staff supply closet with wipes, kleenex, paper towel, printer paper and additional classroom supplies.

We are looking forward to a very successful and FUN event.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Academic Achievement Initiatives
  • Parent & Community Support
  • PTO Grants
  • School Enchancement

All participants:

$32,842 raised
of $30,000 goal
Raised $900
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Raised $550
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Raised $520
Raised $520
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Raised $430

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Grandpappy Paul

Go Felix Go

Renee Taylor

Here’s some more money!

Ali Price

Let’s go for 4 laps, Felix! You can do it!

Abigail Perlove

Go Felix, Go Felix, Go! Go Felix, Go Felix, GO!!